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Keep Your Head in the Clouds: Ways to Create Relevant, Personal and Timely Stories

Stuck in finding inspiration for that next great marketing campaign, advertising tag line or exceptional public relations initiative? The answer is all around you. Try cloud spotting. Watch and listen to this Ted Talk: Cloudy with a Chance of Joy.


Telling stories requires the ability to identify inspiration that surrounds us, yet is missed by others. As Gavin Printor Pinney shares in his 10-minute Ted Talk, “The exotic can be found in the everyday.”

Creative thinking demands limitless thought, meditation and understanding. Cloud watching encourages self-reflection, demonstrates the universe’s power and unleashes ingenuity. Lenticular clouds have been mistaken for UFOs and cumulus clouds show up on sunny days. Understanding clouds can help us become calmer and more creative thinkers.

Take a moment to do nothing, slow down and be present.

Look up and allow the clouds to inspire you.

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