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Impact Consulting Enterprises is a minority, woman-owned, strategic communication, marketing and public relations firm that helps small businesses, public agencies, non-profits and Fortune 100 companies tell their stories. Our interdisciplinary team of experts typically work with organizations who are frustrated by nauseating campaigns that waste time and money. We work with companies who are under pressure because of the headaches associated with measuring social media effectiveness. Over the years, we have helped companies who are concerned about putting confusing messages in their communication materials, news releases and marketing collateral. Impact works with clients to effectively tell their stories and make sure that their messages are heard.

About Our Team

The Impact Team consists of employees, consultants and partners selected to support specific project and clients’ needs.

We work hard to keep our best feet forward.

Timely Support

We make sure to complete projects on time and on budget.  You will never be surprised with cost overruns.  Impact works hand-in-hand with its clients to ensure that everyone is always on the same page.

Clear Communication

We tailor strategic communication to connect your business with niche and emerging audiences. Impact’s clients know what to say, how to say it and when to say it –– before they start communicating — tweeting, posting, blogging or speaking in public.

Innovative Ideas

We believe powerful communication flows from diverse minds, thought processes and approaches. Because Impact’s team members reflect that diversity, we craft unique and strategically creative brand stories.

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