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Networking New-School Moves and Old-School Tactics

Networking New-School Moves and Old-School Tactics As leadership roles move from one generation to the next, the newest cadre of trailblazers has brought us innovative, creative and effective ways to network. That said, there are still plenty of evergreen principles...

Start, Run And Grow Your Business

Start, Run and Grow Your Business   October is National Women's Small Business Month! Impact is a certified, minority woman-owned business, and we support women everywhere who want to join the ranks of small business owners everywhere. Now is the time to start, run...

Government Agencies: September and Self-Improvement

Government Agencies: Self Improvement Like the rest of our country, the U.S. government returns from summer recess and gets back to work during the months of September and October. As agencies tackle their agendas, manage our crises and provide relief to the thousands...
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